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Teacher of the Year

Thank you DeQueen Primary Counseling Team for all your hard work and always going the extra mile for our students!!


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               Office of the Superintendent


Dear Parent/Guardian,

We are so glad that school has started back and are thankful that you have allowed us to educate your child.  One of the most important things we do each year at the start of school is to collect applications for free or reduced meals. These applications are so important to our school for the following reasons:

  1. The application may allow your child to be eligible for free or reduced meals.  This will be a financial help to your family. 

  2. Students who are working virtually from home are encouraged to still come to school to get a grab and go meal at lunchtime. These forms allow our virtual families to also be eligible for a free or reduced meal. 

  3. It is so important for every family to complete and return an application. Some families do not fill out the form each year because they feel that they will not qualify for a free meal. Even if you don’t qualify for a free meal you may still qualify for a reduced rate meal.  The free and reduced eligibility numbers are directly tied to extra revenue to the De Queen School District.  This money is used for all students in the De Queen School District!  The number of free and reduced eligible meal applications directly affects the revenue of our school.  

Please help us share this information and stress how important it is for us to get these application forms completed and returned back to us.  Please return these applications back to us as soon as possible.  The deadline for these applications is Friday, September 25th. You may return the completed forms into your student’s campus front office.  You may also bring them to the District Administration Building at 101 North 9th street during school hours. Thank you for filling out these forms and showing your “LEOPARD PRIDE”!

Jason N. Sanders




Estimado Padre / Tutor,

Estamos muy contentos de que la escuela haya comenzado y estamos agradecidos de que nos haya permitido educar a su hijo. Una de las cosas más importantes que hacemos cada año al comienzo de la escuela es recolectar aplicaciones para comidas gratis o reducidas. Estas aplicaciones son tan importantes para nuestra escuela por las siguientes razones:

1) La aplicación puede permitir que su hijo sea elegible para comidas gratis o reducidas. Esta será una ayuda económica para su familia.

2) Se anima a los estudiantes que trabajan virtualmente desde casa a venir a la escuela para comer algo a la hora del almuerzo. Estos formularios permiten que nuestras familias virtuales también sean elegibles para una comida gratis o reducida. 

3) Es muy importante que todas las familias completen y devuelvan una solicitud. Algunas familias no completan el formulario todos los años porque sienten que no calificarán para una comida gratis. Incluso si no califica para una comida gratis, aún puede calificar para una comida con tarifa reducida. Los números de elegibilidad gratuita y reducida están directamente vinculados a ingresos adicionales para el Distrito Escolar de De Queen. ¡Este dinero se usa para todos los estudiantes del Distrito Escolar De Queen! La cantidad de solicitudes de comidas elegibles gratuitas o reducidas afecta directamente los ingresos de nuestra escuela.

Ayúdenos a compartir esta información y recalque lo importante que es para nosotros completar estos formularios de solicitud y devolverlos. Devuélvanos estas aplicaciones lo antes posible. La fecha límite para estas solicitudes es el viernes 25 de septiembre. Puede devolver los formularios completados a la oficina principal del campus de su estudiante. También puede traerlos al Edificio de Administración del Distrito en 101 North 9th street durante el horario escolar. ¡Gracias por completar estos formularios y mostrar su “ORGULLO LEOPARDO”!

Jason N. Sanders




De Queen Primary School 2020-2021

The district will provide hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes


The Kindergarten teachers ask that you supply your child with the following items and send them with your child on the first day of school.


1. 3 Large Boxes of Kleenex

2. Girls - One box zip-lock bags, quart size.  Boys – One box zip-lock bags, Gallon size.

3. Backpack (no wheels)


First Grade Supply List



1 – 24 pack  #2  wooden pencils

2 – boxes crayons (16 – 24 count)

1 – 4 pack Pink Pearl eraser

1 – package wedge cap erasers

1 - pair child safe school scissors

4 - glue sticks

1 - school box (5” x 8”)

2 or 3 large boxes of Kleenex

1 - backpack (no wheels)

Boys – Quart size zip lock bags

Girls – Gallon size zip lock bags


Second Grade Supply List

Backpack (no wheels)

1 – small school box – NOT the locking kind

2 packages Wedge cap erasers

60 - #2 yellow pencils

1 – package glue sticks

2 – boxes crayons (24 count)

1 – pair 5” pointed scissors

1 – plain pocket plastic folder (no prongs)

1- single subject spiral notebook (wide rule paper)

1 – 3 subject spiral notebook (wide rule paper)

2 or 3 large boxes of Kleenex

Girls – 1 box gallon size zip lock baggies

Boys – 1 box sandwich size zip lock baggies





"De Queen Primary School is a school with pride, where excellence is expected, and all children will advance in math, literacy, and science."

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